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Newtown Landscaping Pro helps local homeowners with their Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning needs.  We always strive to give you the high level of customer service that you deserve.  No matter what kind of tree services you need - from the best tree pruning Newtown has to offer, tree trimming to hedge trimming, disease control and stump grinding.  Our goal is to cultivate a unique environment that enhances the curb appeal of your outdoor property.

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Our Arborist division has some of Connecticut's most experienced tree surgeons and tree climbers.  They are highly skilled in removing dead wood and promoting a healthy growing environment to protect your landscape's most prized assets.

Newtown Landscaping Pro's tree trimming professionals prevent pests from thriving in the canopy of trees and help your trees properly develop, letting in much needed sunlight while providing the shade needed for enjoyable times outdoors.

Why Prune or Trim Your Trees?

There are many benefits of keeping your Trees Trimmed!  The Safety, Beauty and Health of your landscape and home is threatened when your trees are left untrimmed for more than 2 years.  We recommend trimming your trees every other year at the minimum.  Our friends at are recommend that you trim your trees every year because down by the Gold Coast they have a lot more storms.

#1: Trim Your Trees for Safety!

In the past 5 years we've seen more storms in Connecticut than ever before.  Some people blame global warming - other's don't but one thing is for sure, storm preparation is key.  Preventative storm thinning is one of the main benefits of trimming your trees regularly.  Roof & Utility Line Clearance are also benefits of regularly trimmed trees.  In fact, removing a dead tree limb is easier if your tree limbs are trimmed regularly.

#2: Prune Your Trees for Beauty

Newtown is a beautiful place to reside.  We have an amazing little town with lovely scenery.  Pruning your trees regularly allows them to just plain look better.  You can easily maintain your shade while allowing a small percentage of light to peak through the crowns of your oak, maples, hemlocks or black birch trees.  There's nothing more stunning than a properly maintained Pignut Hickory.

#3: Keep Your Trees Trimmed for Health

Thank goodness for Winter!  In Texas there are spiders the size of a soccer ball...  thanks to our cold winters there's nothing like that here.  But there are invasive species that infect many different types of trees in CT.  Pruning your trees regularly is the first line of insect and tree disease treatment.  We have many different kinds of native trees in Newtown, Connecticut including the Red Maple, Black Birch, Eastern Hemlock, Sugar Maple, Northern Red Oak, Beech, Eastern White Pine, Black Cherry, Yellow Birch and my favorite the Pignut Hickory.

Tree Diseases left unchecked can run rampant through all different types of Connecticut's Native Trees.  Give us a call today at 203-580-4323 for a Free Tree Trimming or Tree Pruning Quote.

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