Squirrels in My Attic

It was early summer when I woke up heard scratching noises from the attic. I knew it was some kind of animal immediately and went down to the basement to get a old pair of gloves. I thought I’d be able to catch the wild animal with my hands, or create a makeshift trap that the squirrel would accidently trip into.

After putting what felt like weeks into this… I decided to hire a professional. I found Mark with Integrated Bat & Wildlife Removal out of Newtown, Connecticut. He came over and diagnosed the problem, set up some traps and commented that I might need a minor roof repair to fix it for good.

His office is actually located in Sandy Hook and it was just a short drive over to our home. He came back weeks later to fix the problem. Sure enough, he pulled 5 squirrels out of my attic and repaired the roof. He slapped a guarantee on the service and slipped me the bill. The damage wasn’t bad – that’s why he’s getting this shout out.

If you’ve got squirrels in the attic go to Mark with Integrated Bat & Wildlife Removal in Sandy Hook or give him a call at 203-456-9005.

squirrel in attic

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