How to Deal with Bugs

Insects, Pests and How to Deal with Them

Lawns even when they are cared for and maintained will eventually have pests crawling through them. Most of them are harmless to us, but can be quite annoying when you are trying to enjoy yourself outside. Before you jump the gun and go buy pesticides and chemicals there are a few tricks you can do to help get ride of them.

Some insects like beetles and yellow jackets are drawn to things that smell sweet. Therefore, there are many bugs that crawl around your lawn and garden eating them. This trick is very good at getting rid of Japanese beetles that eat away at your flowers. Take a bowl that you don’t mind leaving out side for several days and fill it with beer. The cheaper beer I find works better, the smell of beer will draw the bugs to the bowl and they will drink the beer till they fall in. This trick kills the bugs and makes or easy clean up, simply strain the beer (either to dispose of or reuse) and throw away the pests. Though this trick works don’t do this with water this will attract bugs to your lawn. Other simply eco-friendly ways to prevent bugs is spraying peppermint or lemongrass oils. These have scents that will ward off insects. Spices that are spicy can also keep the bugs at bay. Using insects natural enemy is a great way to thin their numbers.

Building bird and bat houses will invite these wonderful predators will fest on your unwanted guests. In our back yard we have a huge pine tree that is home to bats during the summer months and eat the mosquitoes that hide in the grass around the pond. Setting up bird feeders around your yard will attract more birds during the day and the bats hunt during the night so the whole day cycle is controlling your pest problem. For more dangerous pests such as yellow jackets and hornets there are bug traps that use vinegar based mixes that lure them into the trap.

The traps that I have used with great success is a brand called Rescue wasp traps. I would set one up out side the nest at night and then another two about five to ten feet away. Remember when using sprays and setting up traps to do this at night, other wise you will be dealing with a hive of angry bugs. Using pesticides will take care of your problem a lot faster, just remember to use caution. There are many brands out there and many of them are the same. Try to pick one that is backed by a professional company. If you are not comfortable with using chemicals yourself hire a professional they will take care of your lawn and inform you when you it will be safe to walk on the grass again. Bugs can be a big nuisance in a little package, but taking care of them is easy.

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