When Preparing for Winter Which is better? Hiring a Pro or Buying a Snow Blower

We all dread that morning we wake up after a snow storm, saying to ourselves “I guess its time to shovel.” Most of us contemplate hiring someone to remove the snow for us, but is it worth it. We all know someone on our street that has a kid willing to shovel your snow, right? I know I do! This past winter I stopped hiring our neighbor’s kids to shovel our snow. In today's age people are suing left and right, and since most of his interaction is by mouth not contact, I decided that I will be playing it safe. Hiring a professional is a good idea for companies and people with a lot of space that needs to be cleared. They are insured, know what they are doing, and will have a paper trail to prove they were hired to do the job.

These jobs alone can cost between 50 and 100 dollars depending on your area. The more expensive jobs will remove your snow in a safe manner, meaning they won’t shoot the snow in to the streets or other high traffic areas, do the job quickly, and salt areas that have are exposed to a lot walking. These expensive jobs can be up words of 450 bucks. I started to realize that we were spending about $300 per winter on snow removal, that is with us also shoveling every other storm.  wouldn’t buying a snow blower be better. While hiring someone else to do the job make our lives much easier and warmer, it has been found in many studies that purchasing a snow blower can be better than hiring someone. In the northeast it is almost a necessity to have a snow blower, but it is hard to part with about $900 on a good quality machine that will be used for one season a year.

Before we go out and but one we all think about the payback time frame. For the northeast the average payback period for owning your own blower (that is estimated to last at least 12 years) is between 3 to 5 years, depending on the amount of snow that winter. For states like Colorado, Illinois, and Michigan the national average was just under two years. I was curious about the average time or a machine to payback its worth south of Philadelphia, and found that it would be between 8 to 15 years. Depending on where you live owning a blower will save you money, but require more work to be done. You know what your winter is like and would know what would benefit you better. Professionals will do a fantastic job in a short period of time and will know to remove the properly, while salting/sanding correctly to help prevent injuries to you or the public.

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